Things I Bought For My Baby Online

I am the mom who usually scans online shops for latest sales and promo discounts. Last Saturday I check an online shop and I got excited upon seeing that they will have a two-day sale for all their baby products. But there is this one catch, I need to do my purchase via their new and latest app. According to the instructions, the app is downloadable in the Apple app store and in Play Store.

So without further hesitations, I put in the online store name in the search box and I got very excited when I saw its name on top of the list! I bet they used a very effective app store optimization strategy for this one and that’s a very good idea. So I clicked in the app of the online store and downloaded it. Glad that I was able to download it in just a couple of minutes. After which, I made my purchases and checkout out using my credit card.

I only had approximately ten minutes in my transaction because I was too excited to buy the things for my baby. And I am a bit worried because the online store has placed item counters beside every product, which looked like a countdown before it runs out. I am sure a lot of mothers too were scrolling and scanning items that fateful day, just like me.

So, to cut the long story short, here are the things I bought for my baby that are discounted. What a bargain! I couldn’t wait for the next sale!

Colorful Diapers

These colorful diapers are so cute and adorable I purchased one set of it. I am sure my husband will raise an eyebrow about this but I know he will eventually understand when I use them in our future visit to my mum’s home. I am also a slight obsessive compulsive disorder and I love arranging my baby’s things in according to colors.


This one is on a 75 percent sale! I love that it also has a carry-on bag where I can put the comforter when we travel. It is also very soft and fluffy and I easy to carry. I have yet to try it on my baby because she is still using the pink one but over the weekend, I will try using it for her. It also comes with a freebie toy but I gave it to our dog so he can munch it out. Our dog has this little obsession on little things that he seldom licks and bites them so that freebie fits him much.

Stuff Toys

This teddy bear is just one of the stuff toys I bought from the online store app. They have a lot of small trinkets available and I opted for the medium sized ones so my baby will not swallow it! I know they will still use these stuff toys even when they grow older that is why I opted for medium sized ones. Next time, I will purchase another set but I plan to buy not the teddy bear ones but the cute cartoon characters to add to her collection.

Toys for the Crib

So my baby loves her hanging toys in her pink crib so I decided to add more to it by buying a set of stars-designed ones. They are colorful and comes in different sizes. I am also planning to buy more decorations for her room, as in the glow in the dark ones so she will still be amazed by the lights even when it’s dark. I know she will enjoy it!

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