Considering Investing a Condo in Vancouver

Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do in Vancouver? I’m going for a conference. I’m actually very interested in the city, as it’s always been a place that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I hear that the mountains, the ocean, and the forest come together in a way that is absolutely unparalleled and other North American cities.

This is the kind of thing that makes me really interested in the place. As someone who is also very interested in numbers, I’m sincerely curious about why Vancouver’s Market has soared up so much over the last few years. I know they hosted the Olympics and everything, but somehow Vancouver has been growing at a rate that I’ve never really seen before. Like, on a global scale, it went from getting some respect sometimes, to being one of the most highly-regarded cities in the entire world. That’s saying a lot.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with a Vancouver Realtor. Now, I’m not actually considering buying property as well as seeing some Coal Harbour Condos for sale or at least I don’t think I am. Anyway, I’ve asked this fellow if he would show me some Burnaby condos for sale also for other options. I’ve been looking for a condo at home, and the condos there seem to be in actually a similar price range to the ones here. So it’s kind of just researched to satisfy my curiosity in my free time. Conferences can get kind of boring, and I think that learning a bit about Vancouver’s mark it would be really beneficial for me. And, who knows, I have been thinking about making your property investment, so by spending time with this realtor and being shown a condo or two, and hearing about the city’s Market, I’m not actually lying and saying that I am a ” potential buyer”, it’s just that the potential isn’t exactly soaring through the roof.

Anyway, What are your suggestions for how to spend my time in Vancouver. I’ll have quite a few hours a day, and as always I’m going to be looking for great restaurants to eat at and fun ways to spend some spare time. Let me know what you think!

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