Pros and Cons: Buying a Camera

A friend of mine who is totally into digital media and digital technology said that I absolutely have to buy a 360 camera. I don’t know if I need to or not, but that comment really inspired me to think about it. I mean, I’m really intrigued by the technology, and I see where my friend is coming from. Content needs to be new and fresh, and to keep your readers engaged you need to find new ways of engaging them. It’s pretty exact science, and it’s Common Sense.

However, I do wonder if this type of media is a trend that I should let pass, or if I should try and ride the wave and apply it to my own blog. It’s hard to tell. I mean, there are some pretty great 360 cameras on the market right now and the prices are not very high.

There are cameras for beginners, cameras for intermediates, and advance cameras as well. I don’t know whether I would start with a beginner one or and intermediate one. I think that it is worth sometimes spending more and getting the features that a mid-range project offers if you think that you are going to end up buying it anyway, I’m never again skipping the initial step in paying very little for a product that does not give a good representation of what the potential of that product could actually be.

So, should I buy a 360 photography device? I really don’t know. Right now, I feel like I’m at a Crossroads with this blog where I can go in several different directions and I would gain and lose certain readers either way. That’s just the nature of things. You can’t please everyone. So I guess what it means is getting a stock of what my readership is, and deciding what I want to do, what direction I want to go in, and what readers I want to be loyal to and further my relationship with as a blogger. So, and your opinion those matter, should I get a 360 camera or not? Let me know in the comments, I always appreciate getting your feedback on this kind of thing, and I’m not asking questions rhetorically here! Your opinion May shape the future of this blog, in fact, and certainly will.

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