New Year Resolutions For Every Shopaholic To Save

It’s that time of the year again when we bid goodbye with the past and start something new as the new year unfolds. This is also the time when people jots down their resolutions and vow to make them happen all throughout the year.

We listed down these three tips you can add to your growing new year’s resolution and we hope you can keep them in mind too!

  1. Always track your expenses. 

Grab a notebook (no don’t buy a new one!) and list down all your expenses for the day. Try to figure out if these items that you purchased or paid for are actually worth it. If not, try to keep in mind next time that you don’t need another pair of slippers (because you just bought a new pair) or you don’t need a new coat for the next one year because you already have six of them. While it is inevitable that you love to shop, keep in mind that not all things that you shop for should be prioritized. They can actually wait.

  1. Fight the urge to check out online shop every single day

Online shops are always on sale. When an ad pops into your Facebook account or the blog you’re following, you tend to check the site and see what you can buy at a discounted price. Face it, sales make you excited and giddy that you abruptly go to checkout. From shoes, bags, baby products, hotel accommodations, services packages online and even discount items for website builder packages. But if you impose a little discipline in yourself, you can avoid purchasing items that are not really needed. Set aside a time of the month where you will check online shops. Say after payday or every 15 days. This way, these will limit the chances of you shopping online and it saves you more money too.

  1. Allot a shopping money

Of you can’t fight off the urge of shopping endlessly, try allotting a portion of your pay check for your guilty pleasure. But before doing this, track where your expenses go–from bills, allowances for the kids, and other things you need to pay monthly on priority. If there’s still a portion left, put it in your shopping fund. This way, your monthly dues will not be affected and you still can shop the products you want.

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