The Pride In Buying Things for Our Husbands

Look, people, I take a lot of pride in my ability to buy things for my husband. I never had trouble with it before, and I thought I never would, but this year has been so crazy, there’s been so many new things, and never did I think to drop any subtle hints for him to tell me what he wants for his birthday. So, when the weeks approaching his birthday came to be, I was incredibly nervous because I had no idea what to get him, and I hadn’t really thought of anything at all, or paid attention to any hints he might have been dropping me along the way. So, basically, it was all on me. I know that he would have been indicating things that he was interested in, and I couldn’t do anything about it, so I called his best friend. His best friend directed me to a website called


Survival Cooking, this website is basically a little bit of a hub 4 reviews on camping products. I thought that was really interesting, that there was a site that just allows you to go through the different categories of stoves and ovens, grills, tens, coolers, tumblers, and all sorts of other gear like that, and gives a very balanced and extremely well-written review that provides the details and let you know what each brand does better than every other brand, and what ends up being the most valuable choice to make.After this, I realize that I should be considering some other types of things too, some kinds of things that may be his best friends we can even know about.

For example, one of his friends recently got a very cool watch from his wife, and my husband made a point to mention to me that he had never had a nice watch before. That, to me, seems like a hint, even if he didn’t intend it as such, so I went searching for the best watches under 500, and I found him and absolutely spectacular, and beautiful, and quite affordable watch. I think that he’s going to be thrilled with these gifts. If you’re wondering if I’m worried that he’s going to read my blog, I’d have to let you know that he never reads my blog! This would be the first time.




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