An Efficient Vehicle On The Road: Unu Motors

This year, I am officially advocating for the use of electric scooters. I myself was not s believer of an electric scooter before. I had a motorcycle, and an car too for family use. But this time, I saw how purchasing an electric scooter is the most beneficial thing when investing on transporation.

At first i was sceptical. But when my husband relayed all its possibilities and advantages, I can say I was wrong and is now changing my mindset over these products.

You see, our new electric scooter is from Unu Motors’ ‘elektrische scooter,’Our is made in The Netherlands. It was purchased and delivered through one box which consists of every thing the scooter is made.

Okay. So our scooter is purely ran by electricity. It is efficient because it saves you from the hassle of going to the gas station. It also saves mother earth. Why? It has no noise at all. It does not emit any harmful gas which might affect the air we breathe. Also, it has a portable battery that lets you charge up anywhere.

My husband is also delighted when the customer service told us that it was implemented with Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This means that when you brake, the energy is fed back to your battery. That is purely awesome. I am sure a lot of commuters would want to buy one like this too. And also, it comes with various colors to choose from! An efficient transportation vehicle that it really is!

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