Shopping Mum Home Office is the brainchild of shopaholic herself Georgina. This website is every mom’s handy guide to everything about shopping–from home and office suppplirs, latest fashionable items, trendy products for every family, and even beauty products all suited for moms out there. Georgina believes that every mother is born shopaholic. She knows that mothers tend to yearn products that shall not only benefit her but for the whole family as well.

About the Author

Georgina is a 35-year-old single mom to two kids. Before putting up this website, Georgina as as freelance marketing professional where she handled top brands all over the world. While she enjoyed ten years of being in the field, Georgina decided to give more time for her growing kids while still pursuing the things she loves–shopping and building a career for herself.

Today, she not  only manages this website but has also put up various online shops in partnership with her pals who are self-confessed shopaholic too. She lives in Burnaby with her kids Taro and Gwen.

E-mail her at georgina@shoppingmumshomeoffice.com